Sukhumvit’s Storage Crates; The Hidden ‘WH Hostel.’


If you’ve ever been on any travelling excursions abroad and have been stuck on ideas as to where to stay based on novelty, value for money and overall quality of service, then here’s a brief take on an overlooked hostel in the Sukhumvit region of Bangkok.

Arriving in Thailand with eighteen hours of flight time behind you may not sound too fun at the best of times, let alone arriving with no clue of where you’re going for accommodation. I’d had quite enough of trying to drift off on the plane; awkwardly adjusting my position whilst at the same time trying not to disturb the person in the seat next to me. There was a troop of five of us and inevitably, we all arrived fatigued and a little fed up. Quite frankly, all I was looking for was sleep. Pure, undisturbed sleep. I didn’t care too much about where I was going to find it, as long as I did.

The Stacking of the Storage Crates.

The Stacking of the Storage Crates.

This ill preparation and disgruntled attitude fortunately led us to ‘WH Hostel’ and an unforgettable overnight experience. Taking advantage of the airports free Wi-Fi, we managed to have a quick scan at what hostels were available to us before settling on ‘WH’ and handing a taxi driver the address. What caught our eye was the originality in the use of storage crates, converted into rooms of varying size and comfort. They were arranged in a different array of colours and stacked one atop the other. I know what you’re thinking, ‘wouldn’t giant metal boxes be almost unbearable in the humid conditions of South East Asia?’ The answer would be yes, but luckily each one had its own air conditioning system built in, so it wasn’t stuffy or clammy at all. It was definitely something extraordinary to see and so we figured that even if the standards weren’t up to scratch, it was good for at least one night and the experience of sleeping in a converted storage crate was too cool to pass up. As you can probably deduce from my writing of this article, the other aspects were more than up to scratch.

Now, when deciding upon a hostel, we usually look at both the location and the price as primary factors; however, there are of course numerous factors to take into account, all of which ‘WH Hostel’ fares well in.

It’s located in the center of Bangkok, in the notorious Sukhumvit area of the city. If you’re looking for a vibrant area of the city then look no further. It boasts many of Bangkok’s most sinful spots in its side streets; the five of us actually stumbled across ‘The Worlds Largest Adult Playground.’ It is similarly a matter of minutes away from Bangkok’s skytrain service, allowing you access to anywhere in the city.

Western money on an Asian price scale. I say no more.  The maximum price you could pay for a premium room was just shy of £10, with dorms considerably cheaper. Compared to prices you are faced with when travelling the Western world, this is an absolute steal.

Our Arrival at 'WH Hostel'.

Our Arrival at ‘WH Hostel’.

With a maximum of only twenty beds, you are practically forced into interaction with fellow travellers- something of great appeal to me. It helps create a friendly environment in which you can share recommendations on what to do in the city and beyond based on the day’s activities or previous days on the road.

Again, there is a maximum of twenty beds purely due to space. The whole place is kept clean as this is an easily manageable amount compared to the sometimes excessive amount of people let in by the larger accommodations.

To say it was hard for us to get in at such a late time of night would be an understatement. With the gates locked and no way for us to get over, at least half an hour must have passed before the constant pressing of the buzzer eventually woke someone up. Though there was some amusing graffiti outside the hostel’s entrance, we were pretty relieved as we didn’t much fancy sleeping outside. In terms of item security, each bed is accompanied with its own bedside safe cabinet made secure if you bring your own padlock or rent one from the hostel.

Graffiti just outside the hostel' main entrance

Graffiti just outside the hostel’ main entrance

These are just some of the great perks of staying at this hostel. I’d noticed that sadly there were very limited reviews left on ‘Hostelworld’ for such a great hostel so I’ve tried my best here to give it some of the credit that it is due. Ordinarily, for myself anyway, the choice of hostel is not something that required too much thought as it was ‘just a bed’, and the real experience comes from the things you see and do, not where you sleep. However, ‘WH Hostel‘ certainly added to my experience in Bangkok and I’d encourage future visitors to definitely check it out- hearing a South East Asia thunderstorm from the inside of a storage crate is also a terrifying yet unforgettable affair.


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