Interrailing 2014: a tale of four white boys tackling a continent


With just a little under two weeks until I embark upon another interrail excursion, I find myself wondering why I never wrote a piece encompassing the experience I had the very first time I went. In traditional ‘Gap Year’ fashion, me and three friends postponed our university education to embark on what would be a two and half month gallivant across Europe. Inevitably, we returned with an abundance of photographs as well as video footage. Rather than write a huge piece on the many different countries, experiences, and escapades that the four of us got up to, we figured we could use this material to edit together a montage video encompassing it all. The end product? A five minute video linked in to this article.

Since returning and inevitably joining university, I’ve been asked the array of questions that face anyone who has taken a gap year: ‘why’d you do it?’; ‘what did you do?’; ‘would you recommend it?’ In response to the latter, the answer is a resounding yes! Here’s hoping the video is not only entertaining, but goes some way into answering these questions and inspiring others to take a trip similar to this.

LinkEurope 2014 Interrailing Video

Video credit- Person395 (Jack Richardson)/ Youtube


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